why does everyone assume that the johnlock’s baby is a boy?

it’s just so natural that he’d be named hamish too

what about having a girl named nora; yay or nay; johnlock; parentlock; SHERLOCK LOVES; Sherlock; Sherlock Holmes; bbc; bbc sherlock; john watson; benedict cumberbatch;
  1. minnymoon1360 answered: well can hamish be a girls name? i mean it can if some really wanted to be. :)
  2. come-and-laugh-with-me answered: 'cuz it's adorable…thats why… :)
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  4. everytimechelle answered: In A Scandal in Belgravia, John suggested Hamish as a baby name for Sherlock and Irene. So Hamish is the general consensus.
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    Because it’s perfect. Don’t question the lovechild.
  9. queen-mizera answered: I guess it’s because of scandal in belgravia where John suggested Hamish to Irene and Sherlock. But I think it’s better to do as you want.
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    It’s a boy because of an episode with Irene Adler John suggested a name for a baby.
  12. dingdongyouarewrong answered: The headcanon “girl” name is Victoria. If you want a fic with a girl look up Imogen Holmes ao3
  13. morguava answered: that’d be interesting (and cute) to read a parentlock with a little girl.
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